Oh hi! Greeting Card GIFT Subscription

Oh hi! Greeting Card GIFT Subscription

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The loveliest gift to give someone for Christmas this year…the gift that keeps on giving! The recipient of your choice will receive Oh hi! subscription for either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and will include:

- 4 surprise greeting cards (corresponding to relevant holidays & a wide selection of everyday occasions)

- 4 beautiful stickers to seal your envelopes with

- A postcard with a note from Charlie inspiring you to send out handwritten mail and love notes

On top of this, we promise to give 10% of the profits to feed & care for children in developing countries. 


Please put the recipient’s name & address as the shipping address and your name & address as the billing address. I will post a gift card to the shipping address before the recipient receives their 1st Oh hi! subscription box, to let them know you have bought them this lovely gift.

The recipient will receive Oh hi! subscription around the last weekend of each month following your purchase of the gift.

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