Greeting card subscription box

Do you ever wish you had the time to explore gorgeous independent shops & boutiques, collecting stunning greeting cards to give to your favourite people as and when you wanted, rather than swinging by the local supermarket? Life gets pretty busy doesn’t it!

Sneak peak in the Oh hi! monthly subscription box by the hidden pearl studio

When you subscribe to Oh hi! you'll always have a gorgeous collection of greeting cards in your kitchen drawer (or wherever your hide away place is) ready for when you need them. Oh hi! will deliver 4 beautifully unique greeting cards to your letter box each month along with the sweetest stickers to seal your envelopes with so you can get writing to your favourite people. 

The words you fill these cards with will literally change the world... their world.

On top of this, we promise to give 10% of the profits to feed & care for children in developing countries. 


Each Oh hi! box is filled with:

- 4 surprise greeting cards (corresponding to relevant holidays & a wide selection of everyday occasions. We can personalise this for you if you do not celebrate certain holidays. Just shoot us an email)

- 4 beautiful stickers to seal your envelopes with

- A postcard with a note from Charlie inspiring you to send out handwritten mail and love notes

Every subscription includes FREE delivery each month.