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The Hidden Pearl Studio is committed to giving 10% of profits to a trusted charity called The Kenyan Children's Project. 

The KCP helps to assist families in Kenya so they can stay together. However sometimes due to the severity and toxicity of a family environment, children may need to be removed for a short or longer period of time. In such cases, the children are brought into The KCP Child Rescue Centre where they receive full time care. It is here that the journey of transformation begins! Many of the children in The KCP family have been orphaned or survived homelessness, severe abuse, extreme poverty, neglect or abandonment. These children are now being loved back to life; they are receiving education, counselling and health care, they are no longer abandoned but they belong!


After receiving this lifesaving support, wherever possible, they work to reintegrate children over time to live with family members again. When this is possible, we celebrate and when it is not possible they care for the children as though they are their own, until the best solution for them is found. They are seeing the lives of children be restored into family, education and fullness of health and we get to be part of this!! What a privilege.

My dream for a long time has been that creating beautiful greeting cards and products could change the world. 'Change the world' is a bold statement but what we usually forget is that each of us is changing the course of history every day. Just by being alive we are changing the world, whether in an active or passive way, positive or negative way. Even smiling at a stranger is making a change. It doesn't have to be an extravagant act to change the world. Martin Luther King, clearly, did change the world in a radical way but so are all the Mummy's that are faithfully raising their babes, and all the teenagers who say no to the status quo, and all the people in this world who look out for one another. This is how we change the world. 

The Hidden Pearl Studio is committed to looking after this beautiful planet as much as possible.

We only use biodegradable cello sleeves on all of our greeting cards and are now swapping all the cello sleeves on most of our wall prints & all of our notebooks to be biodegradable as well.

The majority of our envelopes are 100% recycled and the card stock we use for all our products is fsc certified, which means it is responsibly sourced. Our notebooks are 100% recycled & our travel pouches are made from 80% recycled cotton.

If you receive your order packed with bubble wrap, it is always reused from orders we get from our suppliers. Always.

Thank you for partnering with us to change the world.